Sears’ MyGofer Prototype Gets Mixed Reviews: Bad and Worse

Written by Evan Schuman
June 1st, 2009

Sears opened in May its MyGofer trial store, a drive-through approach for picking up merchandise purchased online. But preliminary reviews have been unhappy, with calling it “a bad cross between Amazon and Dairy Barn.” A prominent Chicago retail consultant questioned why consumers wouldn’t simply pick up their online products at an existing Sears store.

“That’s where it totally breaks down for me. Why would I change my behavior to go here?” asked Mara Devitt, a partner at Chicago-based McMillan Doolittle, who also complained about the quality of the site that is connected with the new venture. “It’s the most frustrating Web experience,” she said, citing as an example that it offered no product dimensions.


3 Comments | Read Sears’ MyGofer Prototype Gets Mixed Reviews: Bad and Worse

  1. Bill Hanna Says:

    Why is everyone so fast to kill this idea??? Has any of these reviewers actually been to the store or tried the service? I went through a tour of the facility a few days ago, and made a purchase and followed it through. What a great idea! Think about your household items or groceries. Your able to make a list online, at your convenience, and drive through using a very sophisticated system, and retrieve your order in minutes. How about if your running out to a party, and forgot to get snacks, or even a GIFT for someone. Order online, mark the item as a gift, and when you pick it up minutes later, its delivered to your car, in a gift bag with tissue, and a card to put your recipients name on. Now that’s service!

    It would be great for folks to actually see our use what they review before being so negative. It’s a fantastic idea. It would be great to see it make a decent go of it.

  2. sierra Says:

    I have tried the service twice now (two different stores), both times I’ve found that the stores are completely incapable of processing a transaction quicker than if I just went to the store directly and purchased the items off the shelves.. I spent at least 35 minutes each time getting my order out of lock-up. It seems to me that sears/kmart made up a program, but didn’t educate it’s employees on how it works.

  3. Luzel Says:

    I ordered an item for christmas. It said on their website that I’ll have it between dec18-21. Then I got this confirmation email stating that estimated delivery will be dec31. I tried cancelling my order with them but they refused to do it. I wouldn’t have ordered it in the first place if it won’t get to me before christmas. Haven’t had this experience before with other stores Very unsatisfied shopper!


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