The Ups And Downs Of QR Codes. (OK, It’s Really Just The Downs.)

Written by Evan Schuman
April 2nd, 2013

QR codes have always been deceptively easy to use, for anyone other than shoppers. Business Insider recently some of the worst QR code deployments it could find and it’s worth a look.

But the retail examples were particularly interesting, such as Subway putting them on employee shirts, which is a place that employees report no one even tries to scan. But our favorite, depicted here, is a sign on how to use QR codes. And to give the lesson? Yep, the shopper has to scan a QR code.


One Comment | Read The Ups And Downs Of QR Codes. (OK, It’s Really Just The Downs.)

  1. Jesper F. Says:

    I agree, theres a lot of porely executed QR campaigns out there. And slapping QR codes everywhere with no thought or purpose will almost always fail.


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