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2:00 PM EDT 10/8/2010

The Coming Digital Sign Blitz: Help or Horror?

Retail Realities: The Day May Come When Suppliers Pay for Digital Signs at Retailers

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3:00 PM EDT 10/1/2010

Canada Delays Ultra-Secure Payment Card System

Retail Realities: Canada’s Move to Chip-and-PIN Still Nagged by High Glitch Rates

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8:00 PM EDT 9/24/2010

Maine Supreme Court: Consumers’ Time not Valued

Retail Realities: The Unanimous Decision Is a Very Temporary Piece of Good News for Retailers

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6:19 AM EDT 9/17/2010

Sears’ Web Goof: 5 Million Customers Blocked

Retail Realities: The Accident Was a Surprise at the End of Another Site Makeover

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1:30 PM EDT 9/3/2010

Could Chat Transcripts Be Security Minefields?

Retail Realities: Security Concerns Over Rite-Aid and Walgreens Idea for Pharmacist Chat

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2:30 AM EDT 8/13/2010

Next From Apple: A Privacy Nightmare?

Retail Realities: Apple Envisions Taking Secret Pictures-and Recordings-of People Using Their Phones

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1:00 AM EDT 8/20/2010

Data Breach Pits Police Against Processor

Retail Realities: Is Saying You’re Blameless Too Early a Bad Idea? (Hint: Yes, It Is)

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2:30 AM EDT 8/13/2010

Walgreens And Rite-Aid: Dueling Chat Strategies

Retail Realities: Pharmacies Divided On Safest Way to Offer Chats with Pharmacists

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2:30 AM EDT 8/6/2010

Another Bump in the Mobile Payment Road

Retail Realities: The Move to Shift Mobile Payments to Carriers is a Good One, but Politics Doom It

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12:00 PM EDT 7/30/2010

Down For 8 Days: American Eagle’s Site Disaster

Retail Realities: One of the Longest Site Outages Ever Hit a Multi-Billion-Dollar Retailer

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11:30 AM EDT 7/23/2010

Check Your Bill Next Time the Register Rings

Retail Realities: Technology to Automate Pricing Ringing Up More Errors Than Ever

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1:00 AM EDT 7/16/2010

When Thinking Mobile, Think Inside Vs. Outside

Retail Realities: What Works Inside a Store May Fall Flat Once You Step Outside

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1:30 AM EDT 7/10/2010

The Spy Who Shopped Me

Retail Realities: When Retailers Let Their Web Sites Transmit Secret Messages, We Should Ask Why

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1:30 PM EDT 6/25/2010

An Ice Cream Machine That Measures Smiles

Retail Realities: Unilever’s Testing a Vending Machine That Takes Smiles As Payment

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12:30 PM EDT 6/18/2010

Microsoft’s Catch-22 in Mobile Commerce

Retail Realities: For Impatient Consumers, Smartphone Services Remain a Work in Progress

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10:30 AM EDT 6/11/2010

The Paradox Posed by Mobile Commerce

Retail Realities: As Retailers Jump on Board, They Discover the Downside of Popularity

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12:05 PM EDT 6/4/2010

Time To Stop Mailing Fully-Activated Gift Cards?

Retail Realities: People Have Stopped Mailing Twenty-Dollar Bills in the Mail. To a Thief, a Gift Card is Even Better

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11:30 AM EDT 5/28/2010

Secure Credit Cards: Still a Pipedream?

Retail Realities: What Will It Take To Make Chip-and-PIN Happen In The U.S.?

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9:30 AM EDT 5/21/2010

Will Wal-Mart TV Cry When Your Team Loses?

Retail Realities: World’s Largest Retailer Exploring In-Store Video Ads That Change With The Weather, Sports Scores

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11:00 AM EDT 5/14/2010

Their Security Holes, Your Money

Retail Realities: How Glitches Let Strangers Tap Cash From Your Shopper Gift Cards

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5:00 AM EDT 5/7/2010

The Web’s Achilles Heel

Retail Realities: Try Searching For Anything Small And Specific

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9:45 PM EDT 4/29/2010

Announce A Data Breach And Say It’s No Big Deal?

Retail Realities: When a Web Site Started Accidentally Posting Customer Payment Card Numbers,Things Went From Bad to Worse

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1:00 AM EDT 4/23/2010

Amazon Bid to Make an (Expensive) Privacy Point

Retail Realities: Battling Over Online Sales Tax, the E-Commerce Giant Gets Personal

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11:00 AM EDT 4/16/2010

Consumers Changing Attitude Toward Web Savings

Retail Realities: Having Different Web/In-Store Prices Is No Longer A Big Deal

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1:00 PM EDT 4/9/2010

Get Ready for the Mobile Payments Era

Retail Realities: You May Soon Buy Your Coffee – and a Refrigerator to Store the Milk – From Your Phone

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11:31 AM EDT 4/2/2010

Flawed Assumptions in the Albert Gonzalez Case

Retail Realities: Whether it’s Stock Pricing, Consumer Apathy or Retail Cynicism, Lawyers Were Getting it Wrong

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12:00 PM EDT 3/26/2010

Amazon to Limit E-Mail Among Customers

Retail Realities: Setting Up Online Shopping Communities is Great, but Some Retailers are Getting Nervous

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11:00 AM EDT 3/19/2010

Cyberthieves Discover Bluetooth

Retail Realities: The Target is Gas Station Credit Card Data and the Bad Guys Are Getting Savvy

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9:30 AM EST 3/12/2010

Why Let eBay Have All The Fun?

Retail Realities: Best Buy Borrows a Page from the Giant Internet Retailer

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3:00 PM EST 3/5/2010

FTC: Web Site Security Seals Are Lies

Retail Realities: The Federal Trade Commission Proved What Most Suspected: There’s Nothing Behind Those Seals

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12:54 PM EST 2/26/2010

Target Thinks Little Bribe Will Do Wonders

Retail Realities: Target Is Getting Serious About Discounts for One Card Type: Its Own

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9:30 AM EST 2/19/2010

Will Retail Ever ‘Get’ Mobile Computing?

Retail Realities: Too Many Retailers Still Believe Mobile Technology is a Very Temporary Point of Convenience

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9:17 AM EST 2/12/2010

Saks Doing The Robotic Web

Retail Realities: What Can 700 Ultra-Strong Robots Do? Saks Fifth Avenue is Trying to Find Out

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10:00 AM EST 2/5/2010

How Slow Can Mobile Sites Go?

Retail Realities: Best Buy Does OK, Costco Tanks. Can’t Anyone Do a Good Mobile Site Anymore?

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5:00 PM EST 1/29/2010

Talk, Talk, Talk about Computer Security

Retail Realities: CEOs Still Have Not Internalized the Importance of Computer Security

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1:30 AM EST 1/22/2010

The Mobile Triple Threat

Retail Realities: Retailers Now Realize they Need to Support Three Distinct Mobile Strategies

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5:00 AM EST 1/8/2010

`IT’ Must Learn To Be Comfortable Failing

Retail Realities: Take it from McDonald’s CIO: Retailers Must Learn to “Fail Really Small”

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5:00 AM EST 1/8/2010

Analysis: Best Buy Wrestles with Ethics

Retail Realities – Chief Ethics Officer Helps Managers Think Beyond Immediate Profits

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12:00 PM EST 12/19/2009

7-Eleven Mobile, Ethics Questions

Retail Realities:In A Test Of Mobile Coupons, The Convenience Chain Finds Underage Consumer Sensitivities

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3:30 PM EST 12/11/2009

Retailer Wants Breach Kept Secret

Retail Realities: Major Chain Wants Court To Protect Its “Dignity,” Keep Shareholders In The Dark

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9:30 AM EST 12/4/2009

Google’s Clout Causing Retailers To Fret

Retail Realities: The Slower A Retailer’s site, The Lower Its Google Ranking

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12:30 PM EST 11/28/2009

Bargains Despite Black Friday Gloom

Retail Realities: A Weak Economy-Coupled With Strong Online Sales Growth-Means That Opportunity Awaits

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3:30 PM EST 11/20/2009

Bid Farewell To Coupon Clipping?

Retail Realities: That Quaint Money-Saving Practice Is Fading As Consumers Increasingly Opt For High Tech

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10:30 AM EST 11/13/2009

Clock Winding Down On Patent Scams?

Retail Realities: Supreme Court Seems Ready To Snuff Out Frivolous Patent Applications

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9:30 AM EST 11/6/2009

Will E-Commerce Catch The Flu?

Retail Realities: A GAO Report Paints A Nightmare Scenario, But Is It Realistic?

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7:30 AM EDT 10/30/2009

Going Back In Technological Time

Retail Realities: After A Data Breach, One Retailer Got Off The Grid

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10:00 AM EDT 10/23/2009

Behind The ‘Governator’s’ Surprise Veto

Retail Realities: California Governor, No Fan Of Data Breach Rules, Delivers Thumbs Down Decision

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1:00 PM EDT 10/16/2009

Open Season For Retail Cyber Thieves?

Retail Realities: New Questions As Details Of Past Retail Data Breaches Come To Light

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2:00 AM EDT 10/9/2009

Holiday Hints: Sales Down, Crashes Up

Retail Realities: The Economy Will Impact Sales, But Mobile Is Going To Rewrite Everything Else

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1:30 PM EDT 10/2/2009

Starbucks’ Mobile App Can’t Buy Anything

Retail Realities: Starbucks’ iPhone Application Is Beautiful, Stable and Virtually Worthless

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10:30 AM EDT 9/18/2009

New Privacy Question For Social Networks

Retail Realities: New Technology Lets Retail Sites Siphon Off Names Of Friends And Contacts Without So Much As a Password

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10:30 AM EDT 9/11/2009

New Hurdle For Mobile Commerce: Success?

Retail Realities: Companies Are About To Find Out It’s A Double-Edged Sword

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10:30 AM EDT 9/4/2009

Is E-Commerce Due For Cosmetic Makeover?

Retail Realities: Demands Of Makeup Retailers Sparks New Use Of Interactive Tech

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2:00 PM EDT 8/28/2009

A Cyberthief Conundrum For The Cops

Retail Realities: Is The Hacker Detained by the Feds A Master Criminal Or Pawn In A Larger Scheme?

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3:00 AM EDT 8/14/2009

Phone Shopping? Not Any Time Soon

Retail Realities: Phone Sales Soaring But Mobile-Commerce Just Can’t Seem To Make A Connection

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3:00 AM EDT 8/14/2009

Retail Versus Privacy: New Questions

Retail Realities: To Protect Privacy, A Retailer First Must Understand It. Does Wal-Mart?

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5:30 AM EDT 8/7/2009

When Thieves Order Off The Menu

Retail Realities: A Glitch In The System Threatens To Become A Huge Problem, Especially With Fast-Food Chains

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7:00 AM EDT 7/31/2009

Data Breach Bill’s Flawed Assumptions

Retail Realities: Sen.Patrick Leahy’s Data Breach Bill Likely To Boomerang

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7:30 PM EDT 7/24/2009

The Credit Card Reform Backlash

Retail Realities: Bottom Line Is That You’ll Be Feeling The Pinch

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7:30 AM EDT 7/17/2009

When States Attack, Retailers Relax

After 41 Attorneys General Tried To Punish $19 billion retailer TJX, Guess Who Came Out On Top? (Trick Question Alert)

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7:00 AM EDT 7/10/2009

Trusting Wal-Mart to do the Right Thing

Retail Realities: How Data from a Wal-Mart Test May Wind Up Determining How Consumer Information Gets Used

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10:00 AM EDT 6/26/2009

An E-Commerce Survival Plan

Retail Realities: In A Recession, E-Commerce Needs To Start Listening To Consumers

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7:30 AM EDT 6/19/2009

The License Plate Loyalty Card

Retail Realities: A Science Fiction Scenario Is About To Come True

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11:30 PM EDT 6/16/2009

Still Trust Your Web Site? Don’t

Retail Realities: Is A Product In-Stock? The Web Site May Have No Clue

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3:30 AM EDT 6/5/2009

Beyond Ice Cream And Hamburgers

Retail Realities: Dairy Queen’s Bold Mobile Coupon Experiment With RFID

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12:30 PM EDT 6/1/2009

Does Data Impose A Duty?

Retail Realities: A Case Involving Lead And Childrens’ Necklaces Heads To Court

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12:30 PM EDT 6/1/2009

Credit Cards’ Unintended Security Hole

Retail Realities: Why Zero Liability Programs Are a Wonderfully Early Holiday Gift to Cyber Thieves Everywhere

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2:00 AM EDT 5/22/2009

The Diabolical Duplicate Debit Debacle

Retail Realities: How A Debit Card Glitch Can Turn You Into An Inadvertent Debtor

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Most Recent Comments

Why Did Gonzales Hackers Like European Cards So Much Better?

I am still unclear about the core point here-- why higher value of European cards. Supply and demand, yes, makes sense. But the fact that the cards were chip and pin (EMV) should make them less valuable because that demonstrably reduces the ability to use them fraudulently. Did the author mean that the chip and pin cards could be used in a country where EMV is not implemented--the US--and this mis-match make it easier to us them since the issuing banks may not have as robust anti-fraud controls as non-EMV banks because they assumed EMV would do the fraud prevention for them Read more...
Two possible reasons that I can think of and have seen in the past - 1) Cards issued by European banks when used online cross border don't usually support AVS checks. So, when a European card is used with a billing address that's in the US, an ecom merchant wouldn't necessarily know that the shipping zip code doesn't match the billing code. 2) Also, in offline chip countries the card determines whether or not a transaction is approved, not the issuer. In my experience, European issuers haven't developed the same checks on authorization requests as US issuers. So, these cards might be more valuable because they are more likely to get approved. Read more...
A smart card slot in terminals doesn't mean there is a reader or that the reader is activated. Then, activated reader or not, the U.S. processors don't have apps certified or ready to load into those terminals to accept and process smart card transactions just yet. Don't get your card(t) before the terminal (horse). Read more...
The marketplace does speak. More fraud capacity translates to higher value for the stolen data. Because nearly 100% of all US transactions are authorized online in real time, we have less fraud regardless of whether the card is Magstripe only or chip and PIn. Hence, $10 prices for US cards vs $25 for the European counterparts. Read more...
@David True. The European cards have both an EMV chip AND a mag stripe. Europeans may generally use the chip for their transactions, but the insecure stripe remains vulnerable to skimming, whether it be from a false front on an ATM or a dishonest waiter with a handheld skimmer. If their stripe is skimmed, the track data can still be cloned and used fraudulently in the United States. If European banks only detect fraud from 9-5 GMT, that might explain why American criminals prefer them over American bank issued cards, who have fraud detection in place 24x7. Read more...

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